My ‘Zone Of Genius,’ is helping people find the secret ingredient that helps them stand out from the competition and create a scroll-stopping business. Tapping into an alchemy of personal brand, sales and marketing experience, I’m happiest when helping other entrepreneurs live out their passions.

But it took me a while to get here.

I was completely invisible during my first attempt to launch 'Health Yourself Happy,' my first niche nutrition business centred around the mental health benefits of a healthy lifestyle. 

I had no clients and no money even though I thought I was doing all the right things. I was burning myself out, throwing money away on Facebook Ads which weren't converting and the results unfortunately spoke for themselves.

When I finally stood back and assessed the situation, it turned out it wasn’t my lack of business savvy or know-how keeping me stuck, small and seriously underpaid.

It was my presence.

In life, I was constantly sizing myself up against others and never felt good enough. And this had clearly filtered down into my business – I wandered around with a head swimming with thoughts that I wasn’t smart or “trained” enough. For over a year, I sat crumpled and (almost) silent behind my laptop. I never asked for business. I rarely told anyone what I did. I was a major perfectionist and procrastinator. And when I finally did get an enquiry, I ended up giving services away for free because I felt uncomfortable charging my worth!


So what changed?


I hit rock bottom in 2015 – I wasn’t just struggling in my business, I’d also moved country and begrudgingly had to take a live-in nanny job just to keep a roof over my head.

I knew that wasn’t right. I was approaching 30 and this was not the kind of woman I wanted to be.

So I shifted my mindset. As I slowly got back on my feet I stopped telling myself that I needed to have it all figured out, that it was a bad thing to ask for help. As Einstein said 'The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results,' - and I knew deep down that a few things had to change in order to see remarkably different results!

I hired a business and mindset coach, niched down my brand and website, upped my Instagram game and started showing up as my best self.

And slowly, things began to shift.

It didn't happen overnight. And no – it did NOT happen without putting in some SERIOUS work. But it did happen a lot FASTER than I could have ever imagined. Because I took the time to learn, grow and build a brand that would resonate with my ideal client.

I got to work and started showing up consistently.

I posted on Instagram like it was my job (because, well, it kinda was).

And every time a niggling doubt or negative thought started to creep in, I shut it down. FAST.

Then finally, after years of trying to crack the online business code, I grew an incredible, loyal tribe, left my 9 to 5 and even landed writing jobs as an expert in my field.

And if I can do it, I know you can too.

I believe it’s your time to join me in the ranks, and for the world to know your name.

Kate x


Career Achievements

  • Solely responsible for over £4 million in sales in my 10 year business development career

  • Responsible for launching a video based app into the Dubai market, endorsed by the Dubai Royal Family

  • Worked with several global brands, with Headquarters in London & The Middle East

  • Developed video marketing strategies for worldwide groups such as Kaya Skin Clinic, Fairmont Hotels & Sofitel

  • Award winning creative writer

  • Secured funding from The Princes Trust for my first ever business

  • Successfully launched MY OWN online business

  • Grew my niche nutrition business 'Health Yourself Happy' to 5000 real, targeted followers in 6 months, resulting in 50% of sales coming directly through Instagram



Brainstorming is a key part of my coaching sessions, therefore I only work with business owners I know I can help.

My background, experience and expertise is perfectly suited to working with:

Life Coaches

Business Consultants

Personal Trainers

Lifestyle Brands

Nutritionists & Food Brands

Health & Wellness Entrepreneurs

Beauty & Fashion Brands

Hospitality Businesses

And most entrepreneurs who want to create a 'laptop lifestyle.'

If you own an e-cig business or want to build a crypto empire, I'm probably not your gal!