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Don’t wait to work with Kate because you’ll kick yourself for not starting sooner. The direction and confidence you’ll have after just one session is seriously life changing. I don’t even know if I would have put myself out there by now if it wasn’t for Kate but I have it all: niche, personal brand, logo, website and I know every next step to achieve the results I want!

I started with the Masterclass and 1 coaching call. From that I was able to establish my niche and prioritise my first steps. A month later I invested in The 7 Second Edit. 3 days later I got my first client and made more than my original investment in coaching!
— Courtney Cooke | Holistic Health Coach
Working with Kate gave me confidence, inspiration and direction. Within just one month of working with her I made back the investment in her programme, and my new business was in profit.

To anyone who is considering working with Kate, you have to do it! She is happy, encouraging, upbeat, honest and real. Plus she helps you accomplish your goals in a simplified way.
— Erica Fultz | Elite Matchmaker
Kate has an encyclopaedia of knowledge. She really knows her stuff when it comes to social media and marketing. With her help I have been able to grow my works Instagram page, create a new online market space as well as social media presence. Kate is one the most positive, friendly and knowledgeable people I have come across. With her help I know that I will be making a very big blue ocean with my future ventures! I can’t thank you enough Kate. You’re golden!
— Dallas Waltham | Social Media Manager
I would say 1000% go for it! The small investment you make will enhance your confidence, visibility as a business and thought leader online and in the long run save you time thanks to the tips and techniques you learn! The sessions started with the very basics and she built us up sharing some of her top industry secrets which have already had a huge effect on my Instagram account and followers. Great fun and I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for any future courses.
— Carol-Ann Reid | Life & Happiness Coach
After wasting thousands of pounds on branding and web design for a previous business, I couldn’t afford to make the same mistake twice. Kate really drilled down on my core values as a Life Consultant and helped create a logo, website and social media presence which not only spoke to my target audience but accelerated my online reputation. Everything was thought of, down to the colour of my shirt for my photoshoot! Within just two months I was fully booked!
— Stephen Wilson | The Compound Coach
Kate brings a lot of passion into marketing your brand and really understands the intricacies of Instagram and Facebook.

Her communication skills are excellent and she is super friendly, flexible and easy to work with. She’s also super organised and made some suggestions that helped to do our social media more efficiently.

It’s hard to find the full package, so if you want your social media accounts to be growing, active and running smoothly, Kate’s social media management is the solution.

The only reason I wouldn’t recommend Kate is because we don’t want to share her!
— Dr William Rahal | Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
Kate; thank you for all the work! It has been such a joy to open Instagram and see responses, especially from people who have followed me for a long time but who were not seeing my photos because of the algorithm. I certainly want to continue to work together and I’m very excited to see what a clearer Instagram strategy can do for me.
— Fernando Gros | Travel Blogger
After trying and failing to grow my audience, I finally reached out to Kate. I honestly thought that I just needed to share better photos, but in just 1 session she pointed out flaws in my entire strategy that had never even crossed my mind. I’ve gone from a personal trainer to a scalable online brand with a clear mission and vision. Plus, my followers have more than trippled to over 5k
— Andrew Dutton | Hooked On Fitness